An Interview With Producer/Engineer Ed Cherney

Ed Cherney on Bobby Owsinski's Production BlogIf you don’t know about producer/engineer Ed Cherney then you really should. Ed is one of the best engineers on the planet, with credits like Eric Clapton, Bonnie Raitt, The Rolling Stones, Willie Nelson, John Mayer, and even Spinal Tap, among many others (you can see them all on his website) and he’s won 2 Grammys, been nominated for 3 Emmy Awards, and has won 5 Tech awards. On top of that he’s a great guy and so much fun to be around.

Ed and I worked together when I produced the second album for the band SNEW a few years back where we laughed a lot during the sessions and had a generally great time (not to mention got some great sounds). The following interview was shot during that period and was later included in the DVD that came with the first edition of my Music Producer’s Handbook (wow, maybe it was longer ago than I thought). The video is a little dark and grainy, but Ed answers a lot of questions about his career, and provides some great studio and business insight.

In the interview Ed talks about what’s common among successful productions, the best project he’s worked on, and the best piece of advice he was ever given, among other things.

You can hear a lot more from Ed on Episode #120 on my Inner Circle Podcast.

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