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When A Song Isn’t Working, Here’s What To Do

Troubleshoot a song

You may have been here before. You’re working on a song but it just isn’t coming together. If you’re experienced you probably know exactly what to do, but even after a couple of steps you might hit a dead end. This excerpt from my Music Producer’s Handbook provides 10 questions to ask in order to troubleshoot a […]

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5 Recording Session Tips Every Musician Needs To Know

5 Session Tips

When you’re recording basic tracks, especially in an expensive commercial studio, it’s easy to get off track in a way that not only causes you to waste time, but money as well. These 5 session tips from the latest edition of my Music Producer’s Handbook will ensure that not only your tracking session, but all […]

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The 5 Ways To Charge For Your Services

5 ways to charge for your services post on Bobby Owsinski's Production Blog

If you’re a producer, engineer or musician, chances are that you’ve been asked to work on someone’s recording. That’s all well and good, but how do you get compensated for your efforts? Here are 5 ways that you can charge for your services. Here’s a typical scenario. An indie band asks you to work with […]

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Make Your Session Run More Efficiently With This Overdub Checklist

Overdub Checklist on Bobby Owsinski's Production Blog

An overdub session, especially one involving multiple players and parts, can deteriorate quickly into chaos without a plan. It’s easy to spend hours looking for the right performance or sound, but you can spend even more time experimenting if the producer didn’t expect that to happen and allot time for it. That’s why it pays to […]

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10 Questions To Ask During Band Preproduction That Will Make You Sound Better

Band preproduction on Bobby Owsinski's production blog

Preproduction is the best time to work out any kinks in songs and arrangements way before you begin to record. Chances are that there will come a time when your band is playing either in rehearsal or in the studio and suddenly there’s a train wreck where something sounds way off, and you may have […]

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The 7 Basic Decisions That Every Producer Faces


Before a music project can even begin there are a number of basic decisions that every producer faces in order to get the ball rolling. This excerpt from the latest edition of my Music Producer’s Handbook illustrates the many production considerations confronting a producer in a typical project before it even hits the studio. Most of the […]

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The Producer’s Vocal Recording Checklist

vocal recording checklist

Getting a great vocal take comes from having a comfortable vocalist, and most of the time it’s the little things and attention to detail that counts the most. Here’s a checklist from my Music Producer’s Handbook to follow before vocal recording that will help make sure your singer is as comfortable as possible to enable a […]

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Is Getting A Good Mix Using Headphones Possible?

Mixing on headphones

Many producers using home or small studios are forced to use headphones late at night so they don’t disturb the family or the neighbors. That’s obviously not a method that many would recommend for a great mix, but it’s possible to attain something reasonable using headphones if you’re aware of the pros and cons involved, which […]

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