Mixer Gary Lux, What’s Fueling Music Growth, And Audio Interfaces On My Latest Inner Circle Podcast

Gary Lux on Bobby Owsinski's Production BlogGary Lux is one of Hollywood’s premier music mixers with literally thousands of projects to his credit with major artists like Usher, Keith Urban, Sting, Ben Harper, Janet Jackson and Rob Thomas.

Before going independent in 1988, Gary was the head music mixer for Universal Studios, where he garnered two Emmy Award nominations for his work with The Jacksons and Frank Sinatra.

We had a good talk about mixing in stereo and surround, live concert recording, and his current setup and favorite plugins.

On the intro I’ll look at what’s driving the worldwide recorded music growth (it’s not exactly what you think), and the differences in the various audio interface formats and what’s best for you.

You can listen to this podcast episode at bobbyoinnercircle.com, or via iTunesStitcher, Mixcloud or Google Play.

Enjoy the show!

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