Author And Musician Craig Anderton Is The Guest On My Latest Inner Circle Podcast

Craig Anderton on Bobby Owsinski's Production BlogCraig Anderton is an icon in the music industry, known to musicians everywhere for his extraordinarily helpful articles in magazines like Guitar Player, Keyboard, Sound on Sound, Electronic Musician, Pro Sound News, Mix, among many others. He’s also the author of more than 35 books, including his highly influential Electronic Projects For Musicians, which touched off the DIY revolution among musicians who were inspired to pick up a soldering iron and fashion their own versions of Craig’s highly useful projects.

Sometimes overlooked is the fact that Craig has been a lifelong musician, appearing on Swiss TV when he was 9 years old, touring and recording with the group Mandrake in the 60s, doing session work in the 70s, and more recently, playing with German electronic group Rei$$dorf Force. He’s still recording and has released a number of albums in recent years as well, including his latest titled Simplicity.

During the interview we talked about his time at Gibson and some of the things that the company actually got right, his insights into Cakewalk and Sonar, his recent book and album releases, and the latest trends in music gear.

On the intro I’ll look at the Music Modernization Act passing the Senate and what that means for artists, songwriters, producers and engineers, and why you’ll probably be paying sales tax on all your gear purchases made online from now on.
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Enjoy the show!
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