The Most Stressful Job In Music, Used Guitar Market, And NASA Engineer And Bassist Mike Paul Hughes

Mike Paul Hughes on Bobby Owsinski's Production BlogMy guest on the Podcast this week is Mike Paul Hughes, who spends his days as a NASA aerospace engineer in the middle of some some of the most advanced space projects the world has ever seen, but after work becomes a bassist, producer, and even a composer for a number of Bollywood films.

He also has one of the best inspirational stories of overcoming tremendous odds to reach a dream goal that you’ll ever hear.

In the interview Mike tells that story, but also describes his Bollywood work, and a number of things that people aren’t aware of when it comes to acoustics, space travel, and landing a human on Mars.
On the intro I’ll look at the most stressful job in the music business (you’ll never guess what it is), and the growth of the used guitar market and what it means for the sale of new instruments.
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Enjoy the show!
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