6 Myths Guitar Players Think Are True

guitar myths on Bobby Owsinski's Production BlogMost of us in the production side of the music business have picked up a guitar at one time or another, so it seems like everyone considers themselves a guitar player on some level. Even if you don’t play, you most likely encounter guitar players in the studio, so the more information you have about the instrument, the easier it is to make it sound great. Guitar players have some ingrained beliefs though, and not all of them are true.

Phillip McKnight posts some great videos about the unknown qualities and histories of various guitars and amps, but the one below is about the 6 myths that guitar players sometimes hold as truth. These include handling tubes, shipping guitars, breaking headstocks, using fretboard conditioner, where pick guard scratches really come from, and string gauge. Enlightening to say the least.

Some myths that he didn’t address include setting the truss rod, boiling strings, and the number of winds on the tuning peg, but maybe he’ll get to them at another time.


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