A Tour Of Berlin’s Hansa Studios

Hansa Studios BerlinBerlin’s Hansa Studios has long been a refuge for music celebrities seeking to stay out of the limelight while recording. U2, David Bowie, Depeche Mode, Iggy Pop and R.E.M. have all used the studio’s unique live room and location to their advantage, and it has resulted in some of their best work.

Although it doesn’t mean much now, Hansa was located a stone’s throw way from the Berlin Wall and just down the block from the infamous Checkpoint Charlie, so there was also a sense of danger with the place as well, which many rock stars relished.

Producer Tony Visconti and Eventide recently paid homage to the place with the release of the Tverb plugin, which was based upon the unique sound on Bowie’s voice and Robert Fripp’s guitar on “Heroes” that was made possible thanks to the acoustics of Hansa’s large event space.

Here’s a very cool video tour of the Hansa Studios, which will give you a new appreciation of why so many musicians wanted to work there.

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