Now For Some Hypersound Speakers Made Of Glass

Hypersound GlassI know that you love the look of your front studio wall so much that you hate the fact that those unsightly studio monitors are blocking it, but now there’s a solution. It’s Turtle Beach’s new Hypersound Glass speakers that have the added benefit of  radiating directionally as well.

Turtle Beach has been working on hyperdirectional speakers for a while and the company holds 28 patents on the subject. This is the first from its Hypersound line that are transparent however.

Super directional speakers have been around for a while and have found a home in museums and salesroom floors where the visitors only hear the prerecorded message when standing in front of an exhibit or kiosk. Turtle Beach is also pushing at least one model for home use with televisions as well.

The problem is that the frequency response is restricted to midrange and higher frequencies, since lows are omnidirectional. That makes this class of speakers good for dialog and not so good for music. I tried to find the specs on the Hypersound Glass speakers but they were nowhere to be found (nor was the price) despite numerous dedicated pages and even a white paper.

That said, the technology is interesting, as is the demo video below. File this one under “interesting in certain applications.”

You can find out more about the Hypersound Glass speakers here, other Hypersound products here, as well as a white paper.

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