In The Studio With Mick Guzauski

Mick Guzauski on Bobby Owsinski's Production Blog11 time Grammy-winner Mick Guzauski has been an A-list mixer for some time, having mixed 27 #1 hits spanning multiple genres with credits that include Daft Punk, Prince, Leann Rimes, Eric Clapton, Christina Aguilera, Talking Heads, Britney Spears, J-Lo, Michael Jackson and many more. Mick started with a basic home by in his home town of Rochester New York, where he met composer Chuck Mangione and eventually did his recording and live sound. When Chuck signed to A&M Records, Mick was off to Hollywood to engineer and mix his records, and the rest is history.

In this video, Mick talks about how mixing has changed over the years, mixing in the box, and the outboard gear he uses for mixing. This is really a Sonnox-sponsored video (and they do have some very cool plugins worth checking out), and Mick goes into a little detail on what and how he uses some of their plugins towards the end. You might also want to check out another video from Mick where he deconstructs one his mixes.

It’s always a pleasure to hear from anything from Mick since he’s such a great talent, and this video gives you a bit of a feel for how he works. You can find out more about Mick on his website.

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