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New Music Gear Monday: Lauten Audio LS-308 Noise Rejection Condenser Microphone

A question that I’ve been getting over and over through the years from engineers who are just starting out is, “How can I get more isolation between my tracks?” Now that’s normally not much of a problem for older engineers who’ve learned to make leakage work for them, but today’s modern recording requires another order of cleanliness that demands as much freedom from leakage as possible. The problem is that most microphones, especially the large diaphragm condenser mics that many engineers favor, aren’t made for signal rejection – they’re made for audio quality first and foremost. Now the best of both worlds may now be available from the new Lauten Audio LS-308 noise rejecting condenser microphone.

Under The Hood

The LS-308 is a large diaphragm condenser, but it’s totally unique in that it offers 270 degree off-axis sound rejection. This provides enough isolation that you can track a band in a small room and almost make it sound like they were overdubbed in terms of the isolation that’s achieved (check out the video at the bottom of the page if you don’t believe me).

What’s more, the mic can handle sound pressure levels up to 135dB without the need for internal or external pre-attenuation, which allows for an ultra-wide dynamic range of 120dB, according to the manufacturer.

The new mic features a 2-stage low-cut (50 and 120Hz) filter to help reduce low-end rumble and proximity effect in voice applications, and a 2-stage high-cut (8kHz and 10kHz) filter to help tame bright instruments and high frequencies. Because of the challenge of rejecting high frequencies, the 8kHz high-cut also helps achieve the greatest amount of rejection.

The LS308 features a JFET transistor circuit with a transformer-balanced output and a second-order cardioid pattern, and requires 48V phantom power to operate. It’s constructed from high-quality components found in high-end studio condenser microphones, yet it’s built to withstand the rigors of touring thanks to internally shock mounted condenser elements that help to reduce mechanical shock and vibrations.

And There’s More

The mic comes with a detachable side mounted arm that provides 135 degrees of movement, a threaded hard mount with an adjustable elbow, an extra-large windscreen that covers the mic’s entire head, fitted into a hard case.

The Lauten Audio LS-308 carries an MSRP of $799 but seems to have a street price of just $499. You can find more details about the mic here, or watch the excellent video below.

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