Let’s Solve Your Mixing Problems In Mix Lab 2023

Over my 30 years of teaching mixing I’ve heard a lot of the same problems over and over in mixes I get to critique, usually having something to do with mix balance or EQ.

The good news is that they’re all fixable!

That’s what we’re going to cover during my upcoming FREE three day Mix Lab 2023 next week starting next Monday at 4PM Eastern.

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You already know how important a good mix is. It’s the key to getting your songs placed in TV shows and movies, or get you more streams and followers. Of course, all this leads to more money in your pocket.

During this FREE live event, I’ll cover the most common problems with mix balance and EQ.

Here’s what we’ll cover:

  • How to find the best level for your vocal or lead instrument in any genre so no one mix element is lost or overpowers you mix
  • How to get separation between the bass and kick so your mix is never muddy
  • How to make sure that your mix has drive and punch just like major label releases
  • How to overcome small-sounding mixes
  • How to make sure that the bass is heard on any playback system, even on small speakers
  • How to make sure that you can hear every mix element distinctly
  • And much more!

Mix Lab 2023 is a live 3 day event that starts on Monday February 20th at 4PM Eastern / 1PM Pacific.

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Mix Lab won’t happen again until next year, so if you’re vexed by one or more of these mixing problems, you’ll want to make sure to register now.

Yes, there will be a replay, but you have to register to see it when it’s released.

There are only a limited number of spots available so it’s best to register soon. Click here to save your spot.

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