Have Trouble Writing Lyrics? Let This AI App Help You.

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I think it’s fair to say that most songwriters have their own approach to writing. Some start with the music or beat and then write to that; others have the lyrics first and then fit the music to them. For many writers, the music is easy but the lyrics are difficult. If that describes you, then this online app called Lyricjam.ai might be just what you need.

As the URL implies, Lyricjam uses AI to suggest lyrics for your music. You just play some of your music into the app and out pop the phrases. The interesting thing is that even if you don’t supply any music at all, Lyricjam will still respond and shoot out lyrics for you.

The big question that you’re probably asking is, “Just how usable are these lyrics?” If you’re expecting Bernie Taupin or Don Henley then you’re going to be disappointed. What the app provides are “suggestions” for lyrics, not necessarily the final product. It helps you to think outside the box and give you that light bulb moment that might not have happened any other way. Or give you a big laugh at how far off the mark they are.

There’s a tech paper on the artificial intelligence behind the app, where one of the creators stated, “The goal of this research was to design a system that can generate lyrics reflecting the mood and emotions expressed through various aspects of music, such as chords, instruments, tempo, etc.. We set out to create a tool that musicians could use to get inspiration for their own song writing.”

The app also clearly says, “The core motivation for this research is not to write a song for the artist, but to inspire the artist’s own creativity by suggesting fresh new ideas and expressions that the system generated by hearing the instrumental music played by the artist.

To generate lyric lines conditioned on music audio segments, we developed a neural network, which learns latent representations of music audio and lyrics. At training time, the model learns to associate characteristics of music audio with the meaning and style of lyrics. At inference time, given an instrumental piece of music, the model generates novel lyric lines matching the mood and emotions expressed in the music.”

Some songwriters might find this scary from the standpoint of computers writing songs for us, others will use it as a tool for writers block or just to come up with ideas. No matter where you stand, it’s worth checking out. By the way, it’s FREE.

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