Mark Knopfler Talks And Plays “Sultans Of Swing”

Mark Knopfler 61 StratOne of the most iconic guitar songs from the 70s is Dire Straits “Sultans of Swing,” which features Mark Knopfler’s soaring clean Strat solos and fills. At one time or another, most guitar players have tried to cop some of the licks from this song, only to discover that you can’t really get the same sound unless you’re using your fingers instead of a pick.

In this video, Knopfler talks about the origins of the song with Straits bass player John Illsley, then we see him move to the stage and actually play those same reveredĀ licks on his pristine 1961 Strat (it’s pretty amazing that it’s still in such good shape).

It’s amazing how much an instrument can inspire you, as Knopfler tells her, which is one of the reasons that we musicians all maintain a constant state of Gear Acquisition Syndrome our entire lives.

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