New Music Gear Monday: Mooer Audio Tone Capture Pedal

Mooer Tone Capture pedal image

One of the things that a producer often faces is the need for different guitar sounds in a track, but a guitar player who either only has one instrument, or refuses to play another instrument. Or maybe you’re getting a great thick humbucker sound but need to offset it with a jangly single coil part but don’t have a Strat or Tele laying around. The days when this is a worry may be behind you with the new Mooer Audio Tone Capture pedal.

Tone Capture is just that. You play your instrument into it and it takes a number of IR responses to actually create a usable reproduction of your instrument. In other words, your Tele suddenly turns into a Les Paul or vice versa. The pedal can also act as an EQ, with a total of 7 onboard memory slots for either different instrument samples or EQ settings.

The unit has a Level control, Treble, Mid Shift, Mid and Bass tone controls, and a Target/Source switch for the sampling operation. What’s more, you can choose between true bypass or buffered bypass as well. It’s powered via a 9V battery or external DC power source.

Tone Capture is only $99, and I can see this being part of every studio and producer’s tool box. Just image sampling your favorite instruments so you always have the best sounds at your fingertips. Tone Capture is an incredible buy for what it does. That’s said, it’s not perfect and you can hear a bit of fluttering in one of the samples on the video below, but it may not be something that you’ll ever hear live or buried in a track. It does mean having another pedal around, but since it’s a micro pedal, it won’t take up much room.

You can find out more on the company’s webpage (although it seems a bit flakey) or on the video below.

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