New Music Gear Monday: Mic Sentry Microphone Protection Tool

New Music Gear Monday featuring Mic Sentry microphone protectors on Bobby Owsinski's Music Production Blog

No matter how digital our audio world gets, the one piece of analog gear that’s not going away anytime soon is the microphone. We’re willing to spend great amounts of money on them, yet we also take them for granted when it comes to actually taking care of the them. I’m actually pleasantly surprised whenever I enter into a studio and find that they’ve gone as far as placing some sort of covering on some of their expensive mics, although these are almost always an ill-fitting afterthought. Now a product called Mic Sentry can keep your mics safer and better protected than they’ve ever been.

Keep It Covered

Mic Sentry is a line of products designed to provide protection for microphones used in professional recording studios, home studios, live music venues, churches, hotels, and municipal facilities. Four different patent pending models are available to fit just about any size of microphone you can think of.

According to the manufacturer, microphones that sit unprotected on a mic stand or shock-mount basket are susceptible to attracting fibers, dust, and other microscopic particles that accumulate on the highly sensitive, electrically charged diaphragm or ribbon mechanisms. The Mic Sentry products cover the microphone to prevent the accumulation of tiny damaging particles called “nanodust” that are circulating in the air. These are especially damaging to large diaphragm condenser mics and ribbon mics.

Some websites and audio forums recommend using a wide variety of items to cover microphones such as Crown Royal sacks (very popular, but you better be a heavy drinker), cotton socks, sealed plastics bags, eyeglass covers, and even condoms. It’s a wonder why no one has developed a product designed specifically to properly protect professional microphones until now.

The Fabric Is The Secret

Designed by two recording studio veterans, Mic Sentry products feature a tight weave, lint-free, 100% polyester fabric. The fabric is also moisture-wicking, wrinkle-free, stain resistant, and can be laundered to maintain cleanliness. The Mic Sentry offerings also feature a cord and cord lock to fully encase and protect the microphone while either on a stand or while being stored in a cabinet. 

There are 4 sizes available (see the graphic at the top of the page for an idea of what they look like). The MS100 was designed for wider condenser, ball, and pencil mics up to 3 inches in diameter ($12.95). The MS200 is for ball mics, pencil mics up to 2 inches in diameter ($14.95). The MS300 was designed for larger and longer dynamic and condenser mics up to 3 inch diameter ($15.95). The MS400 is intended to cover the entire mic and shock-mount basket mounted (like a vintage condenser) on a stand up to 7 inches in diameter ($19.95).  Each of the products can also be customized with a logo or picture of your studio.

You can find out more about Mic Sentry here.

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