New Music Gear Monday: Nektar Panorama C12 Logic Pro Controller

Either you love or hate using a DAW controller, but if you’re in the category that uses one, then you usually want it to control as many of the parameters as possible. That’s even more important if you normally use channel strip plugins, as more control means more of a real console feel. If you’re a Logic Pro user, then the new Nektar Panorama C12 channel strip controller fits the bill nicely.

Nektar Panorama C12 controller

The Panorama C12 controller is designed to work specifically with Logic Pro, which means a tighter integration than with an all-purpose controller. And it will work with any third-party plugins that you might be using with Logic without a wrapper app.

The Three Sections

There are three sections of controls that make up the C12. On the left is the motorized touch-sensitive channel fader, which also features a six segment stereo meter, Pan control, and record Arm, Solo, Mute and Select buttons. The Select button allows the fader to control any selected parameter of a plugin instead of using the other controls on the controller.

The middle section is dedicated to transport control, with 17 buttons with their functions indicated by icons. There’s also a TFT color display at the top that shows plugin control assignments and values in the main area, with the top line showing any parameters currently controlled, including the fader assignment. Below the display are four buttons that control plugin parameters according to the display label immediately above.

Plugin Control

Finally on the right side of the channel strip are select buttons that determine how the 12 pots, 4 display buttons and 4 RGB buttons are assigned. The top 8 buttons select plugin slots 1-8 as labeled, while the last button toggles plugin slots 1-8 and 9-16. The button also opens the plugin overview page at any time. Below that on the bottom are the Channel assignment and Sends select buttons.

Then on the far right are 12 rotary controls, with each pot illuminated by an RGB LED with the color matching the parameter value indicator in the display. Below that are four RGB buttons for plugin switch control.

There’s also a Zoom encoder that controls both horizontal and vertical timeline zoom, a Tempo control, and a Data/Menu control that opens the plugin page menu list when moved and then allows you to scroll through the choices.

The Panorama C12 connects to your Mac via USB-C and is powered by a 5 volt power supply that’s included. It currently retails for $399, and you can find more information here, or watch the video below.

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