New Music Gear Monday: Slate Infinity Bass Enhancer Plugin

Mixers of all genres of music pay extra attention to the low-end of the mix. That’s because sometimes there’s too much, sometimes not enough, sometimes the level is right but it blends too much in the mix, and host of other reasons why a mixer’s focus is extra critical in that area. There are plenty of plugins available that zero in on this problem area, but none in the way the Slate Digital’s new Infinity Bass does.

Slate Digital Infinity Bass


Infinity Bass is essentially a sub-harmonic synthesizer with a multiple processing modes that provide a lot of control over the sub-bass area. There are four different processing modes; Punchy, Warm, Deep and Phased, each with a different processing setup and sound. Punchy is a bass exciter; Warm is a dual-band subharmonic synthesizer that introduces an octave-style effect; Deep mode is a clean sub-bass generator with dynamics control; and Phased is a bass-focused all-pass filter that helps boost any weaker bass and low-end transients in your mix. 

There are four controls on the bottom of the plugin that allow further variations of the sound. The Amount control is how much of the effect you’re adding, while Frequency sets the cross-over point for where Infinity Bass begins to work on the low end. Character sets the amount of saturation of the sub-bass so it can be heard more clearly, and Output Gain is additional level applied to the post-effected signal.

Focus On The Area

The Listen button is crucial in that it lets you isolate the processed part of your signal so you can hear exactly how the plugin is affecting your sound. And in the center of the plugin is a large Visualizer that gives you a visual representation of the frequency band that’s being affected as well as how much the controls are affecting it.

One might think that this plugin is aimed primarily at electronic music, but there are a lot applications in just about any music genre as you’ll hear with some of the examples if you visit the website.

Infinity Bass is available for both Mac and PC platforms and in every plugin format. It’s $149 for a perpetual license with a 30 day free trail. You can find out more here, or watch the video below.

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