New Music Gear Monday: SoundonDigital Mix To Mobile App/Plugin

I know this has happened to you. You’ve mixed a song that sounds great in the studio, but now you want to give it the earbud test from your phone. There are lots of ways to do that, but all of them involve multiple steps that include uploading to a service, then searching for the song. Couldn’t there be a simpler way? Now there is with the new Mix To Mobile app/plugin from SoundonDigital.

Mix To Mobile app/plugin

Mix To Mobile makes listening on your phone or tablet a snap. All you do is download the plugin in portion of the app, then place it on the track that you want to stream. Then open up the app on your phone, hit play on your DAW, and you’re listening in real time.

The longest part of this process is downloading the plugin and app, and once that’s done it’s super fast from then on.

Mix To Mobile uses your Wi-Fi connection to do the streaming, so that has to be pretty solid. That shouldn’t be much of a problem in either your home studio or studio you’re working in though, so you’ll be able to check your mix in the limited bandwidth environment of the earbud without much trouble at all.

Consider The Codec

One caveat here is that if you want to know what it will really sound like when streamed from Spotify or Apple Music (or any other streaming platform for that matter), then you’ll need to listen through that platform’s codec. That’s where something like Nugen’s MasterCheck or Sonnox Fraunhofer Pro-Codec comes in, as they provide an encoded signal like the particular streaming platform will later provide.

The Mix To Mobile sender plugin is available in AAX, AU and VST3 plugin formats for both Mac and Windows. The receiver app is available for both iOS and Android phones.

Best of all, it’s only $39 with a free 30 day trial. You can go here to find out more.

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