Unusual Overdubs With Andrew Scheps

Andrew Scheps overdubsNoted engineer/producer Andrew Scheps is not afraid to think outside the box when it comes to recording or mixing. Many of us (especially if we’ve been in the business for a while) sometimes have one way to do something and stay ridged in that approach. You can’t do that with music though, since each song is uniquely different and as a result, requires a different outlook on how it gets worked on.

In this video, Andrew processes a bass overdub through a Electro Harmonix Micro-Synth while it’s being recorded, and it works perfectly in the track. In the second half, he takes the mics on the drum kit and feeds them into an amplifier to drive the room for a drum mono overdub.

The point here is to not be afraid of trying something new and different because it just might be the exact right sound for the track.

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