New Music Gear Monday: Owow Wiggle Kit Singer Effects Control

Owow Woggle KitI remember watching Jane’s Addiction singer Perry Ferrell manipulate his own echo effects on stage by manually controlling a Roland Space Echo. It was pretty cool sounding, but a bit clunky looking, and he it did it like that for his entire career. If you’re a singer that wants the ability to control your own effects on stage without having to resort to physically controlling an effects device, there is now a more modern way. The new Owow Wiggle Kit allows you to control multiple effects wirelessly, and look cool while you’re doing it.

The rechargeable Wiggle controller connects via Bluetooth to an iOS app, which can then control a series of  built-in effects, or effects in your DAW via MIDI, using hand  motions. It has 4 buttons that allow it to work in 3 planes (plus on/off) so that it can control multiple effects at once. While you can control the device with your free hand if you’re holding the mic, there’s also a holder that connects to the mic so you can do everything one-handed, if that’s your style.

The basic package includes the Wiggle device, the iOS app, a yellow USB cable, microphone strap, and a quick start guide and manual. Owow also has an Ableton project template available.

The Owow Wiggle Kit is now midway through , and its lowest tier is completely sold out. However there’s still a $100 tier that delivers in February of next year. If you’re a singer who no longer wants to rely on a soundman for your effects, then the Wiggle is for you.

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