New Music Gear Monday: Touch Innovations XG Touch Screen System

Touch Innovations XGAs the world of Star Trek (and science fiction in general) gets closer and closer to reality, there’s been a rethink of the controllers that we’ve used in audio. We’ve all gotten used to what was the norm of analog knobs, faders and switches, but what if you were freed from those restrictions? Touch Innovations has taken a step in that new direction with the release of its XG touch screen controller system.

The XG is a seamless bezel-free glass body that features a 39” see-through touch display supporting 10 simultaneously touch points. The display is brighter than any other touch screen system for more visual attraction and legibility, and all components are conveniently stored inside the unit, meaning that there’s zero cable clutter.

The unit also comes bundled with Touch Innovations Emulator 2 app, which is customizable to multiple DJ and musical interface options. Emulator 2 includes all standard objects like sliders, knobs, modulation pads, encoders, buttons and much more, and every component is fully customizable. The newly designed editor features a host of new capabilities including a full color palette, MIDI learn, OSC protocol, standard keyboard commands, template images and full color backgrounds with a user friendly navigation and more. The software app can also be used as a stand-alone main controller or as a companion controller alongside other existing hardware devices.

The XG comes in two models; the XG PRO (with an onboard high-power Intel PC with 500 GB storage for easy installation and preferred software usage) or XG LITE (without an onboard PC). XG PRO is priced at $6,895, and XG LITE at $5,999. The Emulator 2 app runs on both PC or Mac. You can find out more on the dedicated page of the company’s website.

Although the video below shows Touch Innovations more portable Elite system, you can get an idea of what the XG can do as well.

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