Ritch Esra And Eric Knight of MUBU TV, Metaverse Needs Horsepower, And Marshall Amps Sold On My Latest Podcast

Ritch Esra and Eric Knight of MUBU TV

On my latest podcast episode:

  • Ritch Esra and Eric Knight of Music Business Television talk about how labels struggle to break their own artists, the depth of knowledge that artists need to be effective today, the music business journey, the latest trends in the music business, the idea behind MUBU TV, and much more. 
  • Why the Metaverse might be further away than we’re being told.
  • And Marshall Amps sold to a longtime partner.

Listen to it the at BobbyOInnerCircle.com, or on Apple Podcasts, Amazon Music, StitcherMixcloud, Google Podcasts, SpotifyDeezerTunIn Radio, and RadioPublic.

Enjoy the show!

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