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UK Gives Music Venus Aid, Red Bull Studios Close, And Austrian Audio CEO Martin Seidl On My Latest Podcast

Martin Seidl image

My guest on the podcast this week is Martin Seidl, who spearheaded the drive to start Austrian Audio from the ashes of AKG after Harmon decided to close the company 3 years ago. 

In what might be an unprecedented move, Martin managed to keep the core of AKG together to start the new company and keep it operating for several years even before its first products were released.

Those new products include microphones and headphones that are getting rave reviews both for their vintage sound and forward-thinking innovations.

During the interview we talked about the path to releasing new products, developing a new microphone capsule, the ability to pan frequencies with a feature of the new OC818 microphone, selling the company’s experience to other companies, the famous AKG anechoic chamber, and much more.

On the intro I’ll take a look at the unprecedented aid that the UK government will provide live venues in Britain, and Red Bull closing its music studios worldwide.

Remember that you can find the podcast at BobbyOInnerCircle.com, or either on iTunesStitcherMixcloud, Google Podcasts, Google PlaySpotifyDeezerTunIn Radio, and RadioPublic.

Enjoy the show!

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