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New Music Gear Monday: Softube Modular Eurorack Emulation Plugin

Softube ModularThose tiny Eurorack synth modules have been growing in popularity, going from a simple 10×20 foot booth down in the no-mans-land basement at NAMM to a huge pavilion on the main floor. While everyone loves hardware, for many of us its just impractical in our musical creation so the new Softube Modular Eurorack emulation plugin addresses the issue nicely.

Softube Modular is a new cross-platform modular synthesizer plug-in that looks, works and sounds exactly like its analog Eurorack counterparts.

The company’s award-winning modeling experts have collaborated closely with both Doepfer and Intellijel to create circuit emulations of each company’s existing hardware modules, which is why Modular is about as close to the sound of the real thing as you can get.

The plugin includes six Doepfer modules and 20+ utility modules, such as sequencer, mixer, delay and more, as well as a large preset library. Additional modules from Doepfer and Intellijel will be available as add-ons, and other emulations from top hardware synthesizer brands are planned for the future.

The Softube Modular plugin should be available any time now and is priced at $99. Additional module emulations will cost between $29 and $49. All Softube plugins are available in VST, VST3, AU, AAX Native and AAX DSP formats. There’s not a lot of info available yet, but you can check out this page for a few more details.

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