Re-recording Mixer Michael Perricone On My Latest Inner Circle Podcast

Michael PerriconeMy guest this week is Michael Perricone, who’s not only a movie and television re-recording mixer (mean post-production mixer), but a musician and screenwriter as well.
Michael has worked on tons of movies and television shows, and has mixed a number of music episodes involving Heart, Cheap Trick, ZZ Top and many others as well.
On top of that, Michael was also a writer for Star Trek Voyager show, and tours the world with his singer wife Jahna playing Tibetan bowls when he has some time off!
In the interview we’ll talk all about post-production (including cleaning up the dialog for the Cops TV show), the best way to mike Tibetan bowls, and how you get to right for a hit television show.
In the intro I’ll take a look at the upcoming Apple Music facelift, and the restructuring at Behringer and Avid and how that may affect you as a Tannoy or Pro Tools user.
Remember that you can find the podcast at, or either on iTunesStitcher, and now Mixcloud and Google Play.
Enjoy the show!
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