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This Free Online Audio Tool Can Remove Vocals, Change Keys, Find The Song BPM, And More

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There are a lot of very cool audio tools available these days, and more are released every week. Thankfully we’re getting to the phase where developers are reaching for new capabilities instead of just replicating the processors of the past, but that’s another story for another day. One very cool new online audio tool is VocalRemover.org, which does what it says and a lot more.

While VocalRemover.org isn’t designed with the professional in mind, it does a lot more things besides just removing vocals from a track that might be useful. Yes, it has features like Audio Cutter, Audio Joiner, Voice Recorder and Karaoke Recorder that most pros won’t care about because they already have better tools. A few things it does have that might be of interest include BPM Finder, Key Finder and Audio Convertor, all of which seem to be quicker ways of determining what needs to be discovered than some of the other ways you’ve probably been doing it.

VocalRemover.org is totally AI-driven, so in all cases, all you have to do is point the app towards your file, and it does the rest in no time. Maybe what’s ever better is that it’s free, but if you like and use it a lot, there’s also a place to make a donation if you wish.

Yes, it has other features too that might be useful. Pitch Changer and Tempo Changer could be very helpful when your track is mixed but still needs a little help before release (I haven’t tried those functions yet so can’t say how they sound). A Microphone Test is also a good thing to know about, especially in these days of Zoom and Skype meetings. It will tell you for sure if the mic you want to use is actually live online or not, something that can be confusing these days. It will also tell you the sample rate, and any additional features that are being used, like noise suppression.

All in all, VocalRemover.org is a very cool online audio tool to know about. It’s free, it’s fast, and it’s easy. Who says you can’t get 3 out of 3?

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