Winter NAMM 2017 Overview – Part 2

Yesterday was a lot of fun looking at some of the major items that caught my eye at NAMM, but today we’ll look at some of the other audio products. Once again, this is in no particular order.

Digigrid displayed a couple of audio interfaces called M Cube that allow you to connect to a computer and to an audio network as well. They come in single and dual channel models. The MSRP starts at $549.




That clever Dave Derr at Emperical Labs made a 500 series module for his wife to take on live gigs that include a preamp, EQ and compressor, all with an easy setup. It turns out the DocDerr works like a champ on other instruments as well, so here it is for the world to enjoy. It retails for $799.

Electrodyne Audio is back and showed the new Summing Station, which is a 16 channel summing mixer complete with monitoring controls and real transformers. Price is around $3k.

Speaking of summing mixers, if you really want that Neve sound, then the Heritage Audio MCM-8 or MCM-32 might be fore you. You get either 8 or 32 channels of summing through a Neve-style 1073 output stage. The 8 channel model is only about $1,300.


Icon Audio showed some very cool control surfaces like this Icon Platform M.  Icon’s controllers start from around $350, and can be mapped to just about any DAW.


Those clever boffins at OWC exhibited the DEC, an expansion chassis that screws on the bottom of your new Apple laptop and gives you back all the connectors that are missing. What’s more, there’s room for up to 4 solid state drives as well. Starts at about $300 but isn’t available yet.


Believe it or not, Tascam is still making some pro-level legacy players for CD, DVD, cassette and BluRay. Good to know. Tascam also showed a couple of large diaphragm mics as well. Why not? Everyone else is doing it.


Trident came out with a little brother to its successful Series 88 console and this is the Series 78. It has fewer features, but the same mic amps and signal path and a much lower list price as well.



If you need to easily break out some 3 phase 220v power, Whirlwind has a quick and easy way to do it with its new Powerlink.



And finally, Dynamount has finally begun shipping their robotic mic stands. They have one for every situation and start at around $279.

That’s it. Tomorrow I’ll look at some of the music-related products as well as some of the oddities spotted at the NAMM show.


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