A Peak Behind Tesla’s Awesome Audio System

I’ve owned a Tesla Model 3 for a few years now and it’s far and away the best car I’ve ever owned, and I’ve owned a lot of nice cars before this. I could gush over all the things I love about the auto, but near the top of the list is the audio system.

Tesla audio system

With other vehicles, you usually have to pay extra for the high quality audio option, and even then you have to tweak it a bit. The stock Tesla comes with a great system that I don’t think I’ve tweaked at all since I’ve had it. It sounded great from the first drive onward.

One of the reasons is that Telsa hired some former Bang & Olufsen engineers to design a system for each model from the ground up. B&O has always been known for quality audio, and even though there are no branded components here, it does have the audiophile flavor that discriminating listeners love (yes, even musicians and engineers).

The Model 3 comes stock with a combination of 11 speakers:

  • 2 tweeters on the doors
  • 2 mid-range above in the front
  • 2 bass speakers on the door bottoms
  • 2 mid-range speakers on the back doors
  • 2 mid-range speakers on the top of the trunk
  • Subwoofer in the side of the trunk

Now keep in mind that you’d have to pay big additional bucks for the same thing in an Audi or Mercedes, as much as $12,000!

A big reason for the concentration on quality audio certainly has to do with music, but it also makes gaming and movie watching much more enjoyable. It makes waiting for a charge go much faster when you’re on the road.

If you want to make adjustments, you can do that in the Model 3 audio settings, but one of the cooler features is speed-sensitive volume. This increases the volume level as you get faster so that your sound stays ahead of road noise, and lowers the level when you slow down or stop, and when you open the door. Yes, other cars have something similar as well, but it seems to work better in the Model 3.

Upfrunk has a more detailed post on the audio system that you can read, and yes, it’s a very pro-Tesla site. That still doesn’t diminish one of the best features of the car. Watch the video below for more details.

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