Abbey Road Studios Shares The Secrets To Great Sounds

Abbey Road Studios is perhaps the most revered studio in the world and for good reason. It’s been a leader in studio technology almost since its inception in 1931, something that continues to this day.

Certainly there’s not a better equipped studio anywhere, but you’d expect that from a studio that’s been in business almost 90 years. I’m not sure that the studio ever gets rid of anything, and the clever boffins who run the place are always on the lookout for something new as well.

Unless you work there, I don’t think that anywhere ever tires of seeing pictures or hearing stories about the place, and certainly there’s loads of each that are available online. That said, it’s always nice when you see something that’s really high quality, and that’s what you’ll find in this video from TechRadar.

There are some great shots of all the studios, and some really cools ones of some of its super impressive mic collection in use. You probably won’t learn that much from this video but it certainly is eye candy. If you’ve ever want to visit Abbey Road, this will wet your whistle for more.

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