New Music Gear Monday: PSP Twin-L Limiter Plugin

When it comes to plugins, we often go for emulations of hardware processors from the past. After all, what better example of how how a processor should work than what’s been successfully used for decades already. Sometimes it’s cool to have a plugin that resembles the past in look and feel, but doesn’t actually emulate a specific piece though. That’s what you’ll find with PSP Audioware’s new Twin-L limiter plugin.

The Twin-L sure has the look of a nondescript piece of vintage gear in its user interface, and it provides the features of both the VCA and optical style limiters of the past. Its limiting algorithms are different in that they’re not intended to emulate any specific hardware but rather bring the capabilities of both types into a versatile plugin.

The Twin-L begins with a switch on the top that selects either the optical or VCA mode. The lighting on the classic-looking gain reduction meter then changes with the selection. Below that is the standard Attack and Release controls complete with a Soft/Hard knee switch that controls how quickly the limiter turns on after threshold is reached.

Then come the Input and Output controls (with up to 30dB of gain), as well as the critical Ceiling control that sets the absolute maximum level of the signal.

The bottom row of controls is where it gets interesting. First is the EXT/INT switch with a blue indicator that controls whether the limiter’s sidechain is being supplied by an external signal. There’s also an HPF control that just works on the sidechain to make sure that the limiter isn’t kicking in on low bass signals, a Link control that selects the amount of left and right channel linking, and a Monit/Proc switch that allows you the listen just to the external sidechain.

Finally, there’s a Blend control for the mix between the input signal and the processed signal, which is after the Output control in the signal path.

The PSP Twin-L sells for only $69 directly from the developer’s website. It’s also available for all plugin formats on both PC and Mac. A 14 day free trial is available. Click here for more info.

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