Big Changes In Store For The Famous Capitol Studios

Capitol Studios sign image

There are very few recording studios in the world that almost everone in the music business can immediately name, but Capitol Studios in Hollywood would certainly be one of them. The recording home to legends crossing many generations since 1956, the studio has been a beacon of stability for many years with basically the same staff and management leading the way.

That looks to be changing however, as word leaked out that Universal Music Group (the owner of Capitol Records, its building and the studios) has closed the mastering and transfer studios and let at least some of the staff go. This includes longtime VP/manager Paula Salvatore, who just celebrated her 30th year in charge of the facility. According to Billboard, a source revealed that Paula would be reassigned to a new unannounced role, but that might not have much to do with running the studios.

Universal owns several other studios besides Capitol including one in Nashville, New York, Sydney, and the even more famous Abbey Road Studios facility in London. Word is that the company has decided to consolidate the management of all facilities instead of having each as its own entity as it is now.

While the management change a big surprise, the closing of its mastering and transfer departments are not. Like all mastering facilities, there’s been a big decline in business, especially after some of its revered mastering engineers like Ron McMaster retired. Transfers are being done more by archival company Iron Mountain than on the premises, so shuttering that part of the studio seemed inevitable.

Still, the management change has saddened many long-time clients, who keep coming back to the studio because of the high level of service provided by the staff. Even though Capitol Studios is still in high demand, there’s plenty of high-end competition in town and sometimes the personal service makes all the difference between getting booking or not.

Here’s hoping that Paula and all the staff land on their feet in a better place.

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