Television Audio Engineer Jeri Palumbo On My Latest Inner Circle Podcast

Jeri PalumboJeri Palumbo is a television broadcast engineer, audio mixer and RF tech who’s worked on hi-profile sports shows for more than 25 years.

She’s been part of the TV audio team for all of the most celebrated sporting events, including the Super Bowl, NBA and NHL playoffs, and most recently, the World Series.

Not only did Jeri have some great stories, but she also explained so much about what goes on behind the scenes at sporting events that we never get to see, including the many types of audio jobs and even the hierarchy of NFL games. Let’s put it like this – it’s nothing like life in a recording studio.

This is an excellent interview that you won’t want to miss. You won’t watch an NFL game in the same way afterwards.

On the intro I’ll talk about why the future of vinyl records might not be as bright as everyone thinks, and the interesting history of Autotune.

You can listen to this podcast episode at, or via iTunesStitcher, Mixcloud or Google Play.

Enjoy the show!

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