LANDR’s Daniel Rowland, AI Art Copyright, And High Resolution Recording On My Latest Podcast

LANDR's Daniel Rowland on Episode 410 of Bobby Owsinski's Inner Circle Podcast

My guest on the podcast this week is Daniel Rowland, who’s an audio engineer, producer, educator, Head of Strategy and Partnerships at LANDR Audio, and longtime professor at MTSU in Nashville.

Daniel has been part of numerous international tours; produced the music for an Oscar-winning Pixar film; and mastered multiplatinum/Grammy-nominated albums.

He’s also worked on projects for artists as varied as Nine Inch Nails, Seal, Meek Mill, Phillip Glass, and Gwen Stefani, along with dozens of Disney properties such as Star Wars and Marvel

Daniel has worked with online mastering service LANDR to refine its AI mastering engine and develop numerous virtual instruments, plugins, and other products, He also help craft the acquisition and partnerships deals with a wide range of startups and iconic brands/artists.

During the interview we spoke about distance audio learning, the unexpected uses for LANDR, his take on the newest music tech, and much more.

I spoke with Daniel from his studio in Los Angeles.

On the intro I’ll take a look at the copyright office rejecting a claim for AI art, and the real world reasons for using a high recording resolution.

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Enjoy the show!

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