Frank Zappa Studio And Estate Up For Auction

Frank ZappaEveryone who knew Frank Zappa is shedding a tear at the fact that items from the great composer’s estate, which includes gear from his legendary Utility Muffin Research Kitchen studio, is about to go to auction. The property was on the market for about $5.5 million, and has reportedly been purchased by Lady Gaga.

Among the items available include Harrison and Neve consoles, tape machines and gear from his studio, all his touring and rehearsal gear from Joe’s Garage, and a wide variety of musical instruments. A full list can be found here.

As often happens when the parents die and money has to be split amongst the siblings, Frank and Gail’s children have been particularly divided over the sale and auction, which has led to much acrimony between them. For anyone who has spent any time at the estate, it’s a particularly sad way to see it go. One can only hope that their differences can be resolved so that Frank’s memory can continue unimpeded by anything but peace, love and music. Check out the video below for a look at the estate.

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