The Hank Marvin Multi-Head Echo Trick

Hank MarvinGuitarist Hank Marvin has been a huge influence on top British guitar players like Eric Clapton, Mark Knopfler and Jeff Beck, who in turn became huge influencers on generations of guitar players that followed them. While Hank is a great player, one of the things that separates him from everyone else is the unique ambience that is such a big part of his guitar sound. It sounds so much like reverb (and a great sounding one too), but it’s actually done all with delays.

For years people have been trying to work out how Hank got his sound. Originally the secret was in the Binson and Meazzi multi-head tape delay units that he used, but today there are easier ways to do it. Here’s how to set up this great sound on your DAW.

I guarantee that if you use this setup once, you’ll find yourself using it all the time. It sounds that good. By the way, this video is from my Vintage Gear Tricks mini-course.

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