New Music Gear Monday: AIR Music Technology Delay Pro Plugin

In today’s music production world, delay is more than just an effect. It’s a tool for creativity, a bridge to new aural landscapes, and a path to truly unique soundscapes. As any seasoned pro will tell you, not all delay plugins are created equal. And that’s where the new AIR Delay Pro comes in – a versatile, feature-rich delay plugin that’s certainly worthy of your attention.

AIR Delay Pro plugin

More Than Your Average Delay

For starters, AIR Delay Pro offers a whopping BPM syncable delay time of up to four seconds that allows you to generate some seriously drawn-out echoes. Whether you want to create a haunting ambience or a complex rhythmic pattern, this broad range will have you covered.

The plugin comes with three stereo modes, enabling you to create complex offset and bouncing delays. There’s also a width control, which means you have a greater range across the stereo soundfield. And you can choose between digital and analog delay characteristics.

But we’re just getting started. There’s a comprehensive feedback section that includes high and low pass filters, a resonant filter with resonance and LFO, distortion, and a limiter. Then there’s the Auto-Clear function that stops the delays whenever the main signal is present, which is an easy way to clean up mix by not having the delays hang over.

And Then It Gets Really Unique

AIR Delay Pro has a unique Diffusion section that allows you to smear the delays, making it sound more like reverb. Just like a reverb you can also adjust the size of the space and widen the stereo image as well. The plugin also has an extensive Modulation section that offers three distinct modes (Wobble, Stereo and Chorus) with slow and fast modulation control for classic tape emulation effects to big ‘80s guitars to bad tape machine effects.

There’s also Envelop Follow that allows you to control how the delay evolves over time. It can be assigned to time, feedback, and mix parameters, offering a new dynamic way of shaping your delays. Additionally, the parametric EQ band further adds to your ability to fine-tune your delay sound.

In the Output section, there are high and low pass filtering, Width, Balance, and Mix controls. This provides you with a final layer of control over how your delayed signal sits in the mix.

Last but not least, AIR Delay Pro offers a wide range of logically categorized presets. These are incredibly handy when you’re in a hurry or need a starting point for your own tweaking.

All in all, AIR Delay Pro may be the most powerful, versatile, and highly controllable delay plugin on the market today. It’s sophisticated, which means too deep for some users while idea-inspiring for others.

AIR Delay Pro is available at a special introductory price of just $39 until May 23rd, then it will return to it’s normal price of $89. It’s available for MPC hardware as well as Mac and PC DAWs in most popular plugin formats.

You can find out more here, or watch the video below.

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