A Glossary Of Mixing Terms – Part 2

Mixing Glossary Part 2 on Bobby Owsinski's Music Production Blog

Last week we covered Part 1 of the glossary of mixing terms. This week is part 2. Both come from the latest 5th edition of my Mixing Engineer’s Handbook. I/O. The input/output of a device. immersive audio. Multi-dimensional sound that completely envelops the listener because of speakers placed around the listening environment as well as […]

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Publicist Ramon Hervey, You Can’t Trust Social Networks, And We Dance More With VLFs On My Latest Podcast

Ramon Hervey on Bobby Owsinski's Inner Circle Podcast

On my latest podcast episode: Master publicist Ramon Hervey spoke about promoting the great Motown acts, managing Little Richard, working with Mohammed Ali, what it takes to be successful in the entertainment business, dealing with celebrity egos, and much more. Why you can’t trust social networks for your only online presence Very Low Frequencies (VLFs) […]

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A Brief History Of Film Scoring

The history of film scoring

While most musicians want high-profile gigs that keep them from working day jobs, even those that are successful have a dream of getting into film scoring. Many musicians with lucrative gigs playing with superstars, and even superstars themselves, will quit everything for that one shot of touching Hollywood and scoring a film. There’s a glitter […]

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Indie Week Founder Darryl Hurs, Playlists Control The Industry, And Audio Consumption On My Latest Podcast

Indie Week's Darryl Hurs on Bobby Owsinski's Inner Circle Podcast

On my latest podcast episode: Indie Week (November 8 to 12) founder Darryl Hurs talks about the advice that led him to change careers, getting a job with Live Nation, the biggest mistake indie artists make, trends in the indie world, and much more. How playlists are now controlling the music industry without anyone noticing […]

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The Rise And Fall Of Music Clubs, Global Music Vault, And Publisher Sean O’Malley On My Latest Podcast

Regard Music CEO Sean O'Malley on Bobby Owsinski's Inner Circle Podcast

On my latest podcast episode: Music publisher Sean O’Malley talks about working for ASCAP, the differences between GMR and other PROs, AI-generated songs, the era of derivative content, the future of music publishing, and much more. The rise and fall of music clubs and venues – it’s been happen longer than you think The Global […]

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