Plugin Developer Sonnox Acquired By Focusrite In Another Pro Audio Rollup

In yet another pro audio industry rollup, plugin developer Sonnox has announced that it’s been acquired by the Focusrite Group. This is on the heals of the recent Audiotonix acquisition of Slate Digital, which continues a trend of many of the industry’s stalwart companies being rolled into larger holding companies.

Focusrite Group acquires Sonnox

The Focusrite Group now trades under eleven established brands: Focusrite, Focusrite Pro, Martin Audio, Optimal Audio, ADAM Audio, Sequential, Linea Research, Oberheim, Novation, Ampify Music, and now Sonnox. Sonnox features 19 plugins and 9 bundles that are known for their high quality and ease of use, while Focusrite is well-known for its computer interfaces and analog pro audio gear.

Gradually the MI and audio industries are consolidating into fewer larger entities, as holding companies like InMusic, Music Tribe, Audiotonix, and Harmon sweep up smaller mature companies. Some of this is due to the company founders desire to cash out, and sometimes its because a well-known brand is faltering, so being folded into a larger company isn’t always a bad thing.

Sonnox makes some great plugins, so we can only hope that the company’s development is strengthened with this acquisition.

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