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SCP Studio Collect on Bobby Owsinski's Production BlogThe digital world that we live in presents a big problem for artists, labels, producers, engineers, and session players, and that’s getting paid and receiving credit for the work they’ve created. Even though a song is being streamed from the likes of Spotify, Apple Music or any of the other dozens of streaming platforms doesn’t necessarily mean money or recognition is flowing back to the right people, and the reason for that is poor metadata. VEVA Sound’s SCP Studio Collect metadata tracking plugin provides a means to submit all the necessary data right from your DAW during the session, eliminating the possibility of errors, incorrect info or even worse, no info, later. The best part is that it’s a free download.

Most artists, musicians and producers rarely think about the metadata surrounding a song during its creation, and maybe rightfully so. The problem is that’s exactly the right time to document everything, since it’s so easy to forget the details later on. Usually it’s then left to the record label or whomever is submitting the song to either a streaming platform or an aggregator to insert the info, but quite often the necessary metadata isn’t available so the song is submitted without it anyway. The result – worse case is that the artist, band, songwriter and producer get paid, but everyone who worked on the session needs to get the credit as well as it may be something to build a career on. That’s what makes metadata so powerful today, yet it’s usually way down the list of things to think about when in the studio on a project.

SCP Studio Collect makes it easy to fill in all the necessary information that is conformed to the current DDEX RIN standard in an easy to use plugin. It works on any DAW and is VST, AU and AAX compatible. It gathers information like the project artist, project title, record label, session type, song name, writer(s), date, location, sample rate and bit depth, contributors (musicians on the session, producers, PROs, etc.), and then generates and shares this metadata in a format used in today’s digital supply chain.

Go here to download the free plugin, and check out the VEVA Sound website and the video below for more details.

VEVA Sound SCP Studio Collect Tutorial from VEVA Sound on Vimeo.

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