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Music Biz Pros Steve Marcone And David Philp On My Latest Inner Circle Podcast

Managing Your Band on Bobby Owsinski's Production Blog

Dr. Stephen Marcone is Director of the Music Management Programs and David Philp is a professor of Music and Entertainment Industries at the William Paterson University of New Jersey, which has one of the best music business programs in the country. They’ve also collaborated on the 6th edition of Steve’s excellent book Managing Your Band. […]

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Spotify Drops It’s Loudness Target So No Need For Loud Mixes Anymore

Spotify Loudness Target

Artists, producers and record labels have been obsessed over final mix volume levels for over 30 years now, as mix levels are raised to ridiculous levels where even distortion no longer matters. The problem is that we’ve known for a long time now that severely compressed low dynamic range mix levels are counterproductive and can even hurt it […]

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