Abbey Road Launches 2 New Studios

Abbey Road GatehouseJust when you thought the world’s most prestigious recording studio couldn’t get any cooler, Abbey Road goes and launches not one, but two new recording spaces in the famous facility. The Gatehouse and The Front Room are aimed to be more affordable aimed at artists with budgets that can’t yet afford to work in one of the larger rooms.

The Gatehouse offers a mix of classic analog (an AMS Neve 16 fader BCM10/2 Mk2 recording console and UA, API, Neve, Chandler  and Bricasti outboard gear) with state-of-the-art digital gear that includes Pro Tools HDX2, Logix X and Abelton DAWs. The Front Room features a 24 fader SSL Duality.

Isabel Garvey, Managing Director at Abbey Road Studios says, “The opening of the new studios is one of the biggest events in Abbey Road Studios’ unique history. It shows our commitment to quality recording, the creative environment and our belief that combined with our award-winning expertise, we can attract a whole new generation of artists through our doors. We are investing in our core business to ensure we maintain Abbey Road as a vibrant recording studio, with the two new studios designed to expand our appeal to a wide range of music creators.”

Of course, the beauty of recording in any studio at Abbey Road is the wealth of house gear available, from microphones to outboard gear to instruments, as well as the technical expertise of the staff. There’s a reason why the the facility has maintained its esteemed status through the years, and that’s been the commitment to excellence that started way back in 1931. The studio has now also branched out into online services, education and even funding of music-related startups.

All these years later, it’s still a place where every artist, band, producer and engineer wants to record. How cool is that?

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