New Music Gear Monday: AIR Music Tech Jura Chorus Plugin

I think without exception, everyone fell in love with the chorus effect the very first time they heard it on Roland instruments and amplifiers in the 1980s. It was rich, it was new, and it was an effect that you wanted to use on everything – and people did, at least for a while. Since then we’ve been more judicious about our use of the effect, and as a result of the many copycats available, the effect can sometimes seem watered down. If you want to experience a faithful reproduction of the real thing, then the Jura Chorus plugin from AIR Music Tech is something that you’ll want to check out.

AIR Jura Chorus plugin

Just like the original Roland chorus on the Juno synths, Jura Chorus has just 3 presents – Chorus I, Chorus II, and both at the same time. Chorus I is very light and airy. The sound has more width and depth, but you don’t really make out the chorus effect. Chorus II increases the effect so it sounds just like you remembered, and both buttons depressed at once amplifies the effect to maximum.

There’s also a Mix control that allows you to blend in the chorus effect with the original signal, and a Noise selector models the noise from the original unit to replicate the original sound to its fullest.

One of the things about this chorus is that it works on just about any mix element. Synths (of course), acoustic and electric guitars, and even bass can benefit from a little bit. Plus you can make it as profound or subtle as you need with very little tweaking.

The AIR Jura Chorus is normally $29.99, but it has an introductory promo price of just $14.99 until the 30th of November 2023. A 10 day demo is also available.

It will work on Mac and Windows on any plugin format, plus there’s even an MPC version available. You can find out more here, or watch to video below for more info.

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