New Music Gear Monday: SSL Module8 Multi-Modulation Plugin

Modulation effects can be so useful when it comes to adding interest and motion to a mix. While sometimes just one can make a huge difference to the sound, sometimes stacking them can take the interest level up several notches. One of the problems with modulation plugin stacking, like with all plugins, is that it can be time consuming adding them to the signal path and setting each one up. SSL’s new Module8 multi-modulation plugin puts the most popular modulation effects all in one package, making setup and creating new effects a breeze.

SSL Module8 plugin

Module8 features 6 LFO-based (Low Frequency Oscillator) processors – phaser, flanger, chorus, vibrato, tremolo and panner. While the tremolo, vibrato and panner probably won’t be used as much as the others, they do provide motion to a sound source, and having them easily available in a single package means that you’ll experiment in areas that you might not have thought of previously.


Each of these effects is on its own module, which can be placed in any order by simply dragging and dropping. At the top of the module is a Depth control, and then from 2 to 5 separate parameter controls depending upon the effect. Near the bottom of each module is the LFO control, with a large Rate control and the ability to sync to the tempo of the track or set it manually. There’s even a selector for note denominations, including dotted and triplet notes. Each module can be set to different rates and settings.

At the very bottom of each module is a small display that shows the LFO shape, which can be selected to the right of the display. There’s also a setting for Global LFO, which means that all effects will be set to the same LFO settings. This Global master can be found at the bottom center of the plugin.

There’s More

There are also two additional modules below the main effects modules called Lo-Fi and Space. Lo-Fi is essentially a bit crusher, with Saturation, Retro, Sparkle and Mix parameter controls. Space is a reverb, with Predelay, Size, Modulation and Mix controls.

At the bottom of the module you’ll also find Input and Output controls, along with Stereoize (effective on mono tracks), master Depth, Width, and Mix controls.

Module8 appears to be aimed more at electronic music producers, but I can see any mixer using it, though probably not utilizing the Lo-Fi and Space modules all that much. That said, the ability to easily stack and configure effects can lead to new sounds that mixers of any type of music crave.

Module8 is available in several formats including VST2, VST3, AAX and AU as part of the ever-growing SSL Complete subscription from $14.99 per/m, SSL’s Rent To Own plan, or perpetual purchase for $99 via the SSL eStore.

You can find out more here, or watch the video below.

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