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Producer Frank Fitzpatrick, YouTube Royalties, And Easing Rosewood Restrictions On My Latest Inner Circle Podcast

Frank Fitzpatrick on Bobby Owsinski's Production Blog

My guest today on the podcast is Frank Fitzpatrick, who’s a multi­-platinum selling record producer, Grammy-­nominated songwriter, social entrepreneur and award-­winning filmmaker.  Frank started in the business in concert promotion but soon became a protege of hit producer Richard Perry. His eyes were always on music for film rather than hit songs though, and he’s been quite successful […]

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How George Martin Changed The Finances Of The Record Business

George Martin on Bobby Owsinski's Production Blog

When iconic record producer George Martin passed away a few years ago it brought effusive thoughts, memories and well-deserved accolades from all quarters of the music business. Most dwelled on Sir George’s creative accomplishments, and truly there were many. Just his work with The Beatles alone changed the way we make music forever, not to mention his […]

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The 7 Basic Decisions That Every Producer Faces


Before a music project can even begin there are a number of basic decisions that every producer faces in order to get the ball rolling. This excerpt from the latest edition of my Music Producer’s Handbook illustrates the many production considerations confronting a producer in a typical project before it even hits the studio. Most of the […]

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