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August 14, 2018

The Genius Of One-Chord Hits

one-chord hits on Bobby Owsinski's Production Blog

I’m a big fan of one chord songs. You might think that I’m crazy but hear me out. Having a hit with a song revolving around a single chord means that the arrangement and production are so good that the listener overlooks the fact that there’s not much chordal movement in the song. That’s not […]

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Old School/New School Mixing With Bassy Bob Brockman

Bassy Bob Brockman on Bobby Owsinski's Production blog

“Bassy” Bob Brockman has a wide range of awards and credits, including more than 30 Grammy nominations with two wins, and an Oscar nomination. His many credits include Mary J. Blige, Toni Braxton, the Notorious B.I.G., Babyface, Aretha Franklin, Al Green, The O’Jays, Brian McKnight, Jodeci, Faith Hill, Korn, Laurie Anderson, Vanessa Williams, Christina Aguilera, […]

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Introducing The Music Business Advice Book

The Music Business Advice Book on Bobby Owsinski's Production blog

I’m pleased to announce the release of my latest book, The Music Business Advice Book: 150 Immediately Useful Tips From The Pros. The book is a compilation of 150 helpful quotes from 130 top music pros from various segments of the music industry who previously shared these tips on my Inner Circle Podcast over the course of almost  […]

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New Music Gear Monday: Boz Digital Labs ProVocative Micro-Pitch Shifter Plugin

Boz Digital ProVocative plugin on Bobby Owsinski's Production Blog

One of the coolest tricks I learned as a young mixing pup was micro-pitch shifting. This technique to thicken up a vocal required 2 Harmonizers, with one tuned up by 5 to 8 cents and the other tuned down by the same amount. As you mixed the effect in, you could thicken up any vocal […]

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9 Things About Releasing Vinyl, Audio Over Ethernet Overview, And Wall Street Piano Man Niko Kotoulas on My Latest Podcast

Niko Kotoulas on Bobby Owsinski's Inner Circle Podcast

Niko Kotoulas had a high-paying dream job as an financial analyst at Morgan Stanley, but he’s leaving it for an even better dream as a musical artist. Totally through social media, Niko’s piano playing has racked up more than 1.2 million streams a month from more than 300k users on Spotify alone, and he’s been […]

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Radio Formats, MI Stats, And Dave Derr, The Father Of The Distressor, On My Latest Podcast

Dave Derr on Bobby Owsinski's Production Blog

The Distressor is one of the few modern pieces of outboard gear that has become a classic and now stands in the same “must have” league as compressors like the 1176 and LA-2A. Simply put, it’s a standard piece found in studios everywhere today. Dave Derr is the creator of the Distressor, Fatso, and other […]

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July 26, 2018

A Look At What People Pawn

pawn shop on Bobby Owsinski's Production Blog

Everyone hits a rough financial stretch at some point in their life when you need a quick infusion of cash to fend off the wolf at the door. For many, that quick cash comes by way of the pawn shop. We’ve all heard about music and audio gems that have been found in an out […]

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