New Music Gear Monday: Foleysoft Footsteps Sample Player

If you do sound design along with your music work, you’re going to find this week’s feature a big time saver. It’s the Footsteps sample player from Foleysoft, an app designed to get you out of the foley pit and sound designing in record time.

Foleysoft Footsteps

Footsteps is a sample library designed to work with Native Instruments free KONTAKT 6 PLAYER plugin, offering an extensive range of features and customization options to enhance the sonic footstep experience of any scene.

Developed by Los Angeles post-production professionals all too familiar with working on tight deadlines, Foleysoft Footsteps offers a comprehensive collection comprised of six types of footwear — SANDALS, SNEAKERS, WOMEN HEEL, MEN HEEL, and BOOTS — all accessing a six-layer engine.

It also includes 14 different surfaces, including ASPHALT, CARPET, GRASS, GRAVEL, LEAVES, HARDWOOD, METAL, PLANKS, ROCKS, SNOW, and DIRT, along with nuances like full step, heel step, and front step samples with walk, pace, run, and scuff options also available.

Not only that, there are options for different type of cloth used in shoes, including cotton, jeans, leather, leather with chains, nylon, skin and wood squeaks.

But that’s not all. There’s also a three band equalizer with high and low pass filters, a compressor, and a reverb built in. The reverb has 9 of the most-used spaces where footsteps might be found, and coupled with a combination of close, mid, room and far miking positions via the built-in mixer, just about any type of foot sound is possible.

The Footsteps library is royalty-free and a single license covers just about all situations. It’s now available for just $129 (normally $149), and the Kontact player is free and works on any DAW.

You can find out more here (and more about some of Foleysoft’s other very cool libraries too), or watch the video below.

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