New Music Gear Monday: Steinberg Cubase 10

Cubase 10 on Bobby Owsinski's Production BlogCubase is a DAW that seems like it’s been around forever and has perhaps the largest paid user base of any platform. One of the reasons for its popularity is that Steinberg developers continue to update it on a regular basis with features that are usually a step ahead of the competition. True to form, Cubase 10 has arrived and it has the expected new goodies.

One cool new feature is the Audio Alignment tool, which allows you to align stacked recordings fast so that vocal and other tracks are in complete sync. This is something that producers and engineers have been doing manually for ages, but the new tool can save a lot of that time. You select a reference track, then all the other tracks that you want to align to it, and hit the button – easy. The tool also has a Time Scaling option and Precision Percentage control to make sure that everything doesn’t sound like it’s quantized to a grid.

MixConsole Snapshots is another new feature that allows you to save and recall a current mix within the mixer, which also means that you can create multiple mixes and easily compare them later without revert to a separate session.

The Cubase 10 channel strip has also been redesigned for added functionality and ease of use. Just about every type of audio processor is available in the strip, and their place in the signal path can be changed by just dragging and dropping. New metering elements offer direct visual feedback for each of the modules, with detailed views for the compressors allowing further tweaking with the additional controls.

Cubase 10 now also supports importing, recording and exporting in 32 bit and 64 bit float audio formats, and the new VariAudio 3 takes pitch correction to the next level of transparency.

As with previous versions, Cubase 10 is available in multiple forms. The suggested retail price for the boxed version of Cubase Pro 10 is US $579.99, and download only is available for US $552. The suggested retail price the boxed version of Cubase Artist 10 is US $329.99, and download only is available for US $302. The suggested retail price for the boxed and download versions of Cubase Elements 10 is US $99.99.

There are many more new features in Cubase 10 and you can find all the details here. Watch the video below for more info on the Audio Alignment too.

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